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Visiting Thailand

From pristine beaches and scenic views in Koh Phangan (like Mooiste Stranden Koh Phangan) to diving spots and island hops in Koh Samui, Thailand continues to prove that its wonders are unlike any other. Even more so, this Southeast Asian nation is not just home to Mother Nature’s best. It’s also known for its rich history, along with ancient ruins and sacred temples; and vibrant culture, along with lively marketplaces and friendly locals; as well as having no shortage of places to go and things to do – all of which would make one want to stay in Thailand for all time.


You see, Thailand’s places to go are not just limited to pristine beaches and sacred temples. The country also has imperial palaces and modern cityscapes – both of which compares to other high-structured buildings all over the world. You also see, Thailand’s things to do are not just limited to swimming in pristine beaches or visiting in sacred temples. The country also has elephant riding and boat shopping – both of which compares to other highly-developed transportations all over the world.

Indeed, Thailand is one place that you shouldn’t miss out on. But just like other countries with their own set of rules regarding the cleanliness of a place, it’s your responsibility to keep Thailand as virgin as it can be – away from pollution on both air and water, as well as away from those who continue to take Mother Nature for granted.

Always remember, we are the caretakers of this world. As one, it’s our responsibility to keep ourselves motivated enough to do the right things – especially when it comes to Mother Nature.

Have you ever been to Thailand? How was your experience? What are the highlights of your trip? Why do you think visiting Thailand is a must?

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