3 Advantages of Traveling and Playing CSGO

Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is just as beneficial as traveling. Let’s find out how that’s possible.

You can make new friends.


According to Tim Cahill, a journey is best measured in friends instead of miles. Traveling gives you a rare opportunity to make friends with people who live far from you. You’ll be in awe of how easy it is to actually make friends when you’re a tourist! The magic of friendship appears, catches you off guard, then all is left is for you to realize that being the authentic you in front of strangers is comforting.

It’s the same thing with gaming. Players can socialize with other players even though they live far away from each other. That’s because games can prompt players to work hard together to solve issues. It’s a gateway to meeting new people and making friends.

Both activities can sharpen your mind.


When you travel, new information enters your brain. Learning a new language, discovering historical facts, and trying to find your way in Koh Samui can all be beneficial to your mental health. Traveling gives you a chance to get out of your mundane activities where you don’t have to deal with new information. When you travel, you learn more about other culture—their traditions, entertainment, way of life, and more. All these new stuff can sharpen the mind. Traveling is even linked to helping your brain prevent degenerative diseases as you age. It can keep the mind young and enhance your focus and memory skills.

Once again, playing CSGO is as advantageous. Since it’s a game that requires you to strategize, it can improve your memory and problem-solving skills too. In fact, one study found out that just 10 hours of play can lead to increased cognitive functioning in participants who are 50 years old and above. Their improvement even lasted for several years! Want to slow down the aging process? Then play some roulette!

They reduce stress.

Sunrise at Koh Samui

This is an obvious benefit. Some of us might think that CSGO can cause stress especially your character would face a critical situation for the umpteenth time. However, playing video games can actually decrease the stress levels in the body when we try to look at it regarding entertainment. It can take away your worries for the day while letting you enjoy. You can even vent out using CSGO, and the game won’t have hard feelings. After playing matches or other games related to it, you’ll feel a lot better than you did before you started playing.

The same goes for traveling. One of the joys of life is a stress-free time that will let you recharge your battery. Everyone needs to take a break. Going on a vacay can help your mind and body rejuvenate, making you even more productive and energized for days to come, especially if you’re in Thailand. According to one study, the feeling of revival after taking a vacation can even last for several weeks after the travel. This means you’ll be more motivated to perform your job well, knowing that someday you’ll be able to reward yourself with another trip if you just work hard.

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